New England Home Care (Non-Skilled) Agency for Sale ** Sold or Otherwise Unavailable **

New England Home Care (Non-Skilled) Agency for Sale

2020 Total Income: $4,300,000
2020: Net Income: $503,000
2020 EBITDA: (TBD)

2019 Total Income: $4,600,000
2019 Net Income: $437,000
2019 EBITDA: $670,000

Census: 110
Average Billable Hours per Week:  7,000
Payor Mix: 90% Medicaid, 10% Private Pay

Caregivers are W-2

Any/All MCO Contracts:
NGS Medicare Jurisdiction

Waivers Participate in:
Mental Health Waiver, PCA/ABI, Homecare

Asking Price: $2,999,000
Reference Number: 4058188310

*Contact Jason: 586-632-5616

**Cash equivalent to purchase price set aside to invest from currently available funds required

***Healthcare specific industry experience required

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